School Of Promise Project

Education is a basic human right, all children should have the opportunity to access it.

Educ' Aid Africa aims to support education in Benin by helping schools in need. Our first project is to help a primary school from a coastal village facing struggles such as nutrition and health but also supplying adequate equipment. We invite you to watch the short film available on this page for a better understanding of the issues this school is facing.

Educ' Aid Africa wants to provide music education for the children as it is nonexistent in the country. We believe the developmental benefits of the creative process, exploring and experimenting with music go beyond basic education in areas such as confidence and team work.

With your fundraising help, we will overcome those difficulties and we will be able to spread from this first school across many other schools in the region, the country and even the continent - your donation decides how far we go!

Please help children by making a donation and give them the chance to accomplish their dreams. 

Our objective is to support local schools and families in need and provide music education across Benin.

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