We recently travelled to Benin where we started a project to give the opportunity to children to access musical education. We visited a primary school located in a coastal village where we realised the need for education was more pronounced than we thought, therefore further needs had to be fixed in priority. 

We found out the emergency to fill the lack of funds this school is facing which let them powerless for provisioning with adequate equipment. A kitchen needs to be built, new manuals need to be provided and they also need funds for the canteen so all children can have a meal. IT classes have been abandoned, also due to lack of funds. Education is essential, health also, nutrition as well and teaching just as much.

Please watch the short film available on this page for a better understanding of the issues this school is facing. 



     Educ' Aid Africa wants to provide music education for children, as music is not part of the education system in Benin like this is also the case in most African countries. Only a very small percentage of the children population can afford to go to the few private music schools the country has to offer. 

​The objective is to help and support local families by offering extra education through music and give children an opportunity to access music education and learn the practice of musical instruments, musical theory, singing among other musical activities.

Our mission is to create opportunities for learning and cultural exchange by offering music education to children and students who have the disadvantage to not being able to access it. We aim to provide adequate facilities to accommodate, equip, encourage, and empower vulnerable children through music programs. We believe that music education is a powerful tool for attaining children’s full intellectual, social and creative potential. The objective is also to help create a quality cultural environment that offers appealing experiences to the community, which will encourage them to participate in making, presenting, preserving and celebrating their tradition and cultural heritage.

Our first step is to open our first music school in the region of Mono, where we will provide adequate facilities to accommodate visual and performing music programs.